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Development and Peace - Caritas Canada is kicking off a new campaign cycle this year. The words Create Hope were inspired by Pope Francis’s October 2021 address to the World Meeting of Popular Movements, and Create Hope will be the guiding theme of this campaign for the next five years. In order to create hope, the Share Lent campaign this year is called Stand for the Land. With your help, Development and Peace will stand for the land in solidarity with our sisters and brothers who are defending their territories in the Global South by protecting their lands and waters, the environment and human life. More information about this campaign is in the bulletin, on the display table at the entrance of the church, and in the Social Justice/D&P section.

posted February 23, 2023

Prayer Request Box - There is a lovely wooden box in foyer for your prayer requests. Be specific about your request - include name if you want it included when request is sent out to prayer line members. Requests are sent out weekly. Blessings

posted November 17, 2022